Goan Masala - Spice Blend

Goan Masala - Spice Blend
- Combine with toasted nuts, breadcrumbs & sesame seeds and serve with olive oil and fresh bread as a Goan dukkah. 
- Great on roasted potatoes or kumara.  It is an easy way to spice up any ordinary vegetable or side dish!
- Marinate prawns or scallops with Goan Masala and char-grill or sauté in garlic butter.  Serve with a simple salad, olive oil and lemon as the dressing!
- Perfect for a Sunday afternoon barbeque - season lamb chops or steak with the spice blend and serve with fresh coriander & natural yoghurt. 
- Marinate your roasts with Goan Masala, garlic and lemon and serve with your favourite side dish.