Welcome to Jen’s Cozinha (kitchen)

Traditional Homemade Pickles, Curry Powders & Spice Rub

Jen’s Cozinha; (Portuguese, pronounced [koo-zin-yha]) is simply, Jen’s Kitchen.  My family originate from Goa, India which was a territory of Portugal from the early 1500s until early 1960s.  Goan cuisine is a blend of India and Portugal.

In early 2013, I started a small artisan business making pickles and chutneys and had a stall at our local Farmers Market.  The recipes have been handed down by my mother, who lives in India, and I am proud and honoured to be using her recipes.  

The traditional method of cooking, using family recipes is what makes my products unique and stand out in New Zealand.  Each product has a different cooking method with a good balance of spice and flavour and is made using fresh local or imported ingredients and spices. 

The pickles and chutneys are so versatile, they go with everything - chicken, meats, fish or vegetables.  Fantastic on cheese/antipasto platters or as an accompaniment to any meal.  I am proud to say that our Prawn Balchão has won a Cuisine Artisan Award 2015.

I have also developed a superb aromatic spice rub - GOAN MASALA.  This can be used to marinate meats, fish, sprinkle on roast veggies, potatoes or kumara.  Add to soups or casseroles.  You can also make a delicious Goan Dukkah with your favourite olive oil and serve with some fresh artisan bread.

Another fantastic range is my new GOAN CURRY POWDERS.  The curry powders (for fish, meats or vegetarian) are family recipes and freshly ground using whole spices resulting in rich magnificent flavours.  So quick and easy to prepare.

All our products are gluten, nut, dairy and preservative free.